Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my project?

We accept credit card payment, paypal, checks or cash (in person). We will provide an agreement and invoice.

How long will my website or project will take to be finished?

Depending on this basic things:

  1. Signed agreement and deposit made.
  2. All content provided.
  3. Purchased of the hosting and domain.
  4. Revised and approved project by you.
We provide a maximum limit of 1 month for website design. Any other time frame will depend on the project or design requested.

What does my website design include?

The website design includes everything on our packages and any extra feature requested and agreed on the agreement. The cost for the website design does NOT include the next:

  1. Hosting and domain.
  2. E-mail marketing design.
  3. Logo design.
  4. Content writing, pictures, videos.
  5. Blog design.
  6. Restaurant menu.
  7. Any other feature that hasnt agreed up on.
If you would like to add these features or any other please contact us for a customized order.

Do you require to pay a deposit?

We request a 50% non refundable deposit upon agreement for any project.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us through our online chat or fill out our contact form.


INNOVO Studio is a full-service web design & marketing agency. Our company develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide range of industries, including advertising, communications, fashion, finance, e-commerce, law, medical and health, construction, insurance, and real estate.


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